Moving to the Morning, Starting Easter!

Recently the Elders agreed to transition our church back to the morning (10 am) for our Sunday services. Our first morning service will be this coming Easter (April 9th)!

Since I’ve been here the Elders have been hearing from various people both in our church and in our community about the possibility for us to move back to the morning. Because of this feedback we decided to look into the issue and see what God might be leading us to do. When reevaluating our service time, we had to look at the mission field God has placed us in and ask, “Is there a mission we have in this part of the day?”

Over the course of time we saw there was no unique mission being reached in the evening than wouldn’t also be reached in the morning. At the same time, a morning service would immediately relieve burdens of people already in our church, like the elderly who have been going to church in the dark and our few young families who need to rush home after church to get ready for work and school.

I know there will be an adjustment period for all who have gotten used to church in the evening, and there were really good things we saw in an evening service, but we are going to transition back to a morning service in order to serve our members and increase the potential to reach our community.

Please pray for the unity of the church in this transition — that we would step into this next season together with one heart and mind.

In Christ,

Pastor Ethan Wormell