Our Faith

We are a Protestant, theologically conservative, evangelical church. We continue to hold orthodox doctrines of the Christian faith shared by churches internationally and throughout history such as the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and Athanasian Creed.

Summary of Our Statement of Faith

  • Scripture: spoken by God through human authors.
    – The church did not create the Bible; the Bible created the church.
  • Trinity: one being & three persons.
  • Jesus Christ: truly God & truly man.
  • Salvation: by grace alone through faith alone.
  • Church: both universal & local assembly of those in Christ.
  • Sacraments: strengthens faith but does not create faith.
    – There are two (baptism & the Lord’s Supper) for these alone were given to the Church by Christ himself and point us to his saving work.
  • Gender & Marriage: Men and women are created by God distinct in gender & equal in value. Marriage is the covenant union between one man & one woman.

Here is our full statement of faith: