In picturesque towns and villages across New England you will find steepled churches that are not just historical landmarks or memorials of days gone by, but have for decades served and ministered to the residents of the local communities.

There is such a church in the heart of Forestdale. Founded in the mid eighteen hundreds, this little white church on Route 130 in the village then known as Greenville, was established. A whaler named Ephrim Fish donated a plot of land and the townspeople raised enough money to build it. Eventually, the population of Forestdale grew and the congregation outgrew the church. The building was moved across the street on land that was once a potato farm.

The location and structural changes are not the only changes that have taken place at the church. It has had many pastors over the decades, especially during the early years when finances were scarce and traveling pastors rotated through. The church started as a Methodist church, and then became a Congregational church around the turn of the last century when there were more Congregational pastors available. Eventually the church became known as Forestdale Church, but no matter what the name or Christian persuasion, the church has a long history of sharing the gospel and reflecting God’s love to the local community.

The quaint building continues to reflect the charm and history of days gone by, and activities will continue as usual, such as the annual Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, fellowship groups, youth activities and community service projects and ministries.

Whether you have visited us before or are just checking us out for the first time, our prayer is that we are a blessing to you and your family.  Here at Forestdale Church we strive to love God by loving and serving each other and the community around us.